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Nepal is a country with one of the lowest Human Index and with a lagging healthcare sector, the Infant Mortality rate as of 2015. accounts to 40 deaths/1000 live births (2015) and Maternal mortality rate: 170 deaths/100,000 live births (2015) Which is a very high number for a country with only a population of 30 million.The most common causes of neonatal deaths are infection, birth asphyxia, preterm birth and hypothermia. Once a child has survived the neonatal period, it is likely to encounter a range of new threats to its survival. Diarrhea, acute respiratory infection and measles are responsible for many under-five deaths.
We are looking forward to establish a fully functioning Community Healthcare center in Rampur Village,Darbung Village Development Committee,in Gorkha District , which was the Epicenter of the April 2015 Earthquake that devastated Nepal. This Community clinic comes at a request by the local people of Rampur. As Darbung is an area with a population of around 3384 people, mostly women and children. Who have no access to proper health care. This will be one of the first Health care related projects done by Mission Himalaya, However, this is not the first Earthquake Relief Project that we have committed to in this and two other VDCs around Gorkha around Namung and Fujel .


Our sole purpose of building such community service based clinics is to provide basic free-healthcare services to the people of Rampur Village. Our target is to design a basic clinic, with most of the basic, most needed facilities like: Emergency services, O.P.D and Maternity services. We plan to manage the Medical team, which shall consist of two doctors consultation rooms and one minor operative ward, which will also work as a delivery room. Our next phase is to complete the clinic with added toilet facilities and set up the rooms with patient beds, chairs, operation table, equipment needed and medicines. We plan to appoint a doctor and some local health care worker to manage the clinic.