Volunteer with us at our Eco friendly Orphanage at Panauti, Kavre


Come and join hands with our hard working team, and be a part of our Eco Home Volunteering Programs. Our beautiful Eco friendly home is situated 45 kms, South East of Kathmandu Valley, in a lush green valley in Panauti, Kavre. Be a part of one of the first of its kind volunteering program, where you become a part of the family. Eat healthy organic meals, grown fresh from our gardens and participate in various Interactive activities we hold with the local kids and our orphans.

Eco farm orphanage of mission himalaya

What programs can you volunteer for?


1. ‘Safa ra Swachya’ Nepal Program

Safa and Swachya, literally translates to “Clean” and “Pure”. Our Eco Home being one of its first kinds of orphan home, we are trying to set an example for the local communities, where they can learn about keeping their surroundings clean. Our interactive programs, takes you to the Divine light School, a local school nearby, where you can talk with the kids, and share your ideas, presentations and even take the kids out for some field activities about how to recycle and keep the environment clean. Our Motive is to teach children to re-use and recycle as much as possible and be as organic as possible. You can also participate in local river clean-up program.


2. Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Programs

Each year thousands of children and orphans are tricked and trafficked out of Nepal only to be forced into sex trade or as domestic helps. Our Anti-Human Trafficking program helps to spread the awareness, as to how innocent children and youth are being tricked and sold, how to prevent them and to report such incidents and help spread the world.

photos of human trafficking program at Eco farm


3. Health and Hygiene Programs

Children will be children no matter what, and to teach them hygiene can be a tedious, but if you enjoy fun games while interacting about healthcare then come to our Eco home and teach kids on how to take care of daily cleanliness. Then visit the nearby school, and spread the awareness on communicable diseases, and how to prevent them, how to wash their hands and keep everything neat and organized.


4. Namo-Buddha Monastery Volunteer Program

Namo Buddha is a Buddhist monastery situated an hour and a half’s hike up from our Eco home. The Monastery is a sanctuary for little aspiring monks, and our program lets you visit this holy site, and to spend a day interacting with the monks whose age ranges from 5 to 20 yrs old, these programs lets you exchange your experiences about life, we encourage our volunteers to teach kids about healthcare and languages. You can enjoy meals within the vicinity enjoying the serene environment, witnessing the majestic Himalayan range. Our guides will also give you a tour of the ancient medieval town of Sankhu Pati, so join us to enjoy this rustic rural experience.