Earthquake relief Hot Kitchen Project III


Our deepest gratitude to Gary from Bridge Foundation,USA, for his support in helping us establish yet another ‘Hot Kitchen’ Project. Our third successful Hot Kitchen Project was in ‘Ghyampe dada’, a small village hidden in the Southern part of Lalitpur. We focused on this area because of the fact that it lies hidden in a valley where no help had arrived and the other fact being the people here are of low caste and are of extremely poor economic conditions. The entire village comprises of people who earn their living as low labor workers, working in nearby brick kilns, earning less than $5 per day.

Among all the villages, the people of Ghyampe dada have been the most helpful. They helped us set up the hot kitchen, by volunteering to cook them and also by bringing in their own pots and lights. They were extremely grateful to us for our support.

We were able to distribute around 31 households Tarpaulins, foam mattresses, soaps, buckets, toothpaste, brushes, disinfectants and food items like rice, lentils, fresh vegetables, cooking oil, masalas etcs. Cooking stoves, fuel.


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