Earthquake Relief Hot Kitchen Project I at Lele Ward no. 4 Supported by Dooley Intermed foundation USA


The Hot Kitchen project is our idea of a practical but quick Earthquake relief response. Our team from Mission Himalaya, with the help of local volunteers, we have been able to set up “Free-hot-meal” kitchens. We have so far; set up three successful Hygienic Hot kitchens, one in Lele Ward no. 4,another in Nallu Ward no. 8 and the third one in Ghyampe dada,near Chapagaon. These Villages are on the southern outskirts of Lalitpur district along the border of Makwanpur and mostly comprises of poor farming communities. The Ethnic groups are mostly Tamangs and Chettris. And almost all of these areas have received no official help from the authorities, except for a few passing by private donors or organizations.

Our first Hygienic Hot Kitchen for the earthquake victims started from May 1st in Lele Ward no.4, around 72 households and families were living without proper food or shelter outside in the cold in this village. And around 80 households had been affected badly by the Earthquake in Nallu VDC 8.Our team then decided to start these Hot kitchens, which are on-going projects. The one in Lele, has been running for almost two weeks now and we have been getting very good response from the villagers. The idea was not just to provide free hot meals to the affected victims but also to mobilize the local youth and help those who needed support in re-building their homes, shelters. We realized a lot of the victims had to spend extra effort and time, trying to gather food ration and to cook and feed their families. So, this project has helped people find time to focus on rebuilding all that has been destroyed.

With the help of the local volunteers, we were able to bring in clean water supply from a nearby water reservoir tank of 4000 litres. We bought 250 meters of pipe and set up water to the area where we set up the kitchen. We then put in water purifiers and made sure it was safe for drinking. We set up Hot kitchen, which is being run by 5 people, all locals, two are our staffs, who have been cooking fresh hot meals, day and night for the entire village.
This was set up on May 1st 2015, our city office team provides ration and food items and supply the kitchen with all that is required. Our target is up till one week, but if this turns out to be successful and we get more donations we hope to extend it for a week more, until people are able to settle into proper shelters.

Distributed food items
1. Rice – 22 sacks (30 Kg per sack)
2. Lentils – 2 sacks (30 Kg per sack)
3. Mixed grains : 50 packets
4. Salt- 20 packets
5. Cooking oil – 20 litres
6. Potatoes – 62 kilograms
7. Onions – 10 kilos
8. Sugar – 20 kilos
9. Tea – 3 kilos
10. Nutri nuggets – 10 kilos
11. Biscuits , noodles(wai wai), – two cartons

We also distributed Medicines and medical supplies, which was handed over to the Local primary Healthcare center of Lele VDC.
Medicines included:
Anti-biotics: Gentamycin injections
Painkillers : Brucet,Nims,Paracetamol
Oral Rehydration Jeewan Jal,Glucose
Topical anti-biotics and creams
Gloves,Masks,Bandages & Splinters

Other items that we distributed to the victims:
1. Buckets – 25 pieces
2. Water mugs – pcs
3.Torchlights – 25 pcs
4.Extra Batteries – 100 pcs
5. Umbrellas – 30 pcs
6.Phenyl jars – 10 jars
7.Dettol soaps-156 pcs
8.Toothpaste – 50 pcs


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