Sudip Kc

Sudip K.c

Sudip is one of our newest member. His father committed suicide and his mom abandoned, him and his younger sister. He is…

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Biraj Dhungana

Biraj is one of the most active (read mischievous!) among the younger kids. He has a very good imagination and…

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Sudhant Dahal-orphan Kids of Mission Himalaya

Sushant Dahal

Sushant is one of our brightest and most talented among the senior boys. He has a sweet charm and is…

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Aashish Raut Orphan Kid of Mission Himalaya

Aashish Raut

Ashish is one of the younger boys at our Eco home. Shy but a very skilled artist, he spends most…

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Bishal Dhungana Orphan Kids of Mission Himalaya

Bishal Dhungana

Bishal is one of our newest member to join our Eco home. He goes to the same school and Biraj…

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soni rani rai

Soni Rani Rai

Soni and Salon are siblings, who are living in our Eco home. Both of these kids are both brilliant in…

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Jharana Basnet Orphan Kids of Mission Himalaya

Jharana Basnet

Jharana is one of our brightest amongst the senior girls. She has an un-tiring enthusiasm for learning and is very good at…

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Barsha Basnet Orphan Kids of Mission Himalaya

Barsha Basnet

Barsha is a 13 year older, is Jharana’s elder sister,she is also a part of our Eco-home. Both of these sisters have…

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