How you can help by raising funds

Donate for an Orphan’s Education

Help by passing the word around. You could directly sponsor an orphan’s education and welfare or request your friends, relatives, your community to help donate. It is all about the awareness.
How you can sponsor a child? Learn more about this: Eco Home for orphan and Desolate children

Donate for Rural Health camps : Help be a volunteer, set up groups, invite your friends for an experience of true altruism up in the most remote areas of the Himalayas. Come trek with us to far away destinations, and help economically backward communities get some healthcare services for free.
For more information click : Eye and Medical missions and outreach programs

Donate for Temporary Schools Rebuilding: Help donate money to help our team re-build schools, residential homes, dorms for those affected by the April 2015 Earthquake. Our Mission Himalaya’s team, have been working relentlessly on ground, helping people in over 13 Districts,  receive corrugates tin roofs and cost effective homes, which are Earthquake proof and recommended by engineers under the Nepal Government.
Learn how you are helping by donating :EARTHQUAKE RELIEF PROJECTS