Welcome to our Eco Home!

Welcome to our Eco Home!

Mission Himalaya’s Eco Home for Orphaned Kids
Panauti,Kavre District

Who are we?

Nearly 2 million children were affected by the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, which has left 320,000 children homeless. Each year hundreds of children in rural villages of Nepal are discarded by their own families, either because their parents abandoned them out of domestic conflict, suicide or the family is economically not sound. 34% of Nepalese children are involved in some type of child labor ranging from agricultural work to commercial sexual exploitation. This is a serious problem, which has shown its ugly side, as we see an alarming rise in street children, begging for food and survival in the busy streets of Kathmandu or end up being trafficked to work as sex workers across the borders into Indian brothels.


soni rani raiSeeing the injustice, the plight of these helpless children, we at Mission Himalaya, have teamed up, to start this dream project. A safe haven for orphaned children, who have been neglected and discarded by the society. To provide a loving home, where we help nurture these children into becoming loving adults who will in return be useful citizens.Even though we are a small not-for-profit organization, we have taken a pledge to help the rural communities of Nepal. Our mission is to reach out to as many rural areas as possible, identify the locals’ needs, and help with basic Healthcare, Education and Livelihood sustenance.

What do we do?

We save children mostly from impoverished and economically challenged backgrounds from being neglected, and provide them with the best education possible, under a warm and nurturing, homely environment. Almost all of our kids are orphans, who have each suffered a heartbreaking past, with no one to take care of them. We at Mission Himalaya, have taken an initiative to help give these desolate children, proper care and education.
Our project stands out in a way, we are first of its kind project, where we not only provide a proper home for these children, but in a safe and Eco friendly environment, where children are given, fresh ORGANIC MEALS, freshly picked from our greenhouse right behind our home.
Yes! We have an organic farm, where the produce goes to the kids, and the extras are sold in the market to help raise more funds to take care of our children. Our staffs, and care-takers at the home, regularly plant, fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits. We have 24 kids and growing, and all of our kids receive the best education, as we have made sure they all attend Divine Light English Medium School, which is ranked no. 1 in the entire valley. Our children have grown to be outstanding students, who top their class.


Our Vision!

Nurture – Grow – Giveback nurture_startups_sl9ut

Children need the love of a home, a family, and that is how we want to bring up all of our orphans, with Nurture and care.

We also teach our children, to spread the love, we teach them on how to help each other on simple day to day stuffs like- with homework, Cleanliness, discipline, creative thinking, artwork, entertainment

Our loving caretakers, grow Organic food right at our backyard and all extra produce and sold in veggie market, and the profit used in the welfare of the kids!

The site location and the Eco home


The Eco home is situated approximately 35 kms east of Kathmandu City and 3 kilometers further east beyond the beautiful ancient medieval town of Panauti.The reasons we have chosen this location is because of the unhealthy and over-populated environment of Kathmandu. We wanted our kids to grow up in a green and clean-carbon dioxide emission free surrounding. The Eco home sits in a greener and a more serene location, where fresh water supply is plenty (which is very difficult to be found within Kathmandu).


We are an ever expanding family and are constantly in need of help from generous donors to help Educate and feed our children.

Donate and Help Bring a Smile on a child’s face!


– Help By funding any of our Future Plans:

– Playground for children – Donate for Swings, Jungle Gym and or Basketball court etc $100/p>

– Rain water harvesting system- to help save water $150

– Bio gas plant – to help reduce the cost of cooking gas, running expenses and also to help the community $1000

– Help buy our farm Buffaloes $500, Chickens $200, OR help build sheds to help sustain the farm home $500

– Help Sponsor our kid’s Education annually $1000

– Help pay for cooking gas, food ration $15, $200 for a month

Come Volunteer at our Eco Home and be a part of the Family
Help Nurture, Grow and Giveback!


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