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Help bring a smile to a kid’s face,Sponsor a kid today and make their future brighter.


One of our primary projects under Mission Himalaya, is to provide, Educational support to orphaned kids, from some of the remotest and most impoverished backgrounds in Nepal. At our Eco farm home, we provide full educational support, proper food (3 course meals), clothing, medical checkups and other extra-curricular activities like outdoor activities.From this year 2016, we have added a Child Health Insurance to our Sponsorship fee. Where we have allocated a 100% medical Insurance per each child. With the increase in Hospital charges, we have decided to increase our emergency medical fund, as per the board meeting.Because of some of your generosity, some of our kids, have a secure future and are being educated in one of the top private boarding school of Kavre region.Almost all of our kids are in school and in the future, once they complete their primary education, with your support, we plan on providing further college education to them, including vocational training for those who want to pursue other careers, like –Chef training, beautician training, teacher training,healthcare providers,e.t.c. Our dream is to see them grow into independent individuals, who are able to shine in the society.

Sponsoring a student is a serious undertaking, requiring support from the donor over several years. Mission Himalaya makes commitments to help students throughout their school up till graduation, and we cannot withdraw that commitment before a student has succeeded; we expect our donors to approach student sponsorship with a similar level of resolve.

Child Sponsorship Form

  **Indicative costs to sponsor a student’s primary school level education is:   $1000 per year for sending them to a private boarding school in Kavre   district
  **To sponsor a child’s high school and college (Undergrad 4 years) level  requires:   $1500 per year for tuition

** The tuition fee for schools are subject to changes, based on individual school’s policy and we have no influence on that.


For further information on how to sponsor our children, please Email us or visit us at  our official Facebook and Twitter Page.


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