Biraj Dhungana


Biraj is one of the most active (read mischievous!) among the younger kids. He has a

very good imagination and loves to tell tales and stories to all of us. He loves to play

hide and seek with his eco-farm friends and is a fantastic entertainer. When asked what

he wants to be when he grows up, he says “Army!” with a twinkle in his eyes. Biraj lost

his father a couple of years back, after which his mother left him in the care of his

maternal uncle, to work in the city as a labor worker. She barely makes enough money

to feed her own self. Biraj’s maternal uncle himself comes from a very poor economic

background possessing no assets, hence, leaving Biraj with very little to look forward to

in the future. At our Eco-home, he has been able to outshine the rest of his classmates

in his school making him one of the top students. Very creative, yet very mischievous,

that’s our Biraj!

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