Bimala Tamang

Bimala Tamang Orphan Kids of Mission Himalaya

Bimala, Nima and Pranab are all siblings who are being taken care of in our Eco home. Bimala is well known for her curiosity among the girls, always up for an adventure. She loves to play ‘Badminton’, ‘Hide and seek’ and to dance, among the list of things she enjoys doing. The kids have no parents, they lost them when they were very young to a mysterious illness. Bimala is a very smart little girl, who is full of confidence and loves to interact in English. She aspires to become a teacher when she grows up and help teach poor children without any tuition fee.

   S.N    Name   Age   Relation   Grade   School Performance
  1.    Nima Tamang   7   Younger brother   U.K.G   Top of class 84%
  2.     Pranav Tamang   5   Youngest brother   Nursery   Top of class 88%